August Favorites 

A new month has started and soon we will roll into a new season. Even though, I will miss the summer warmth I am very excited about Autumn! The time of pumpkins, falling leaves, sweater weather, where drinking hot chocolate isn’t that crazy, Halloween, cozy stay-inns and I could go on and on about it. I believe that most of the people have a favorite season, but honestly I love every single one of them! They all have their own beauty. Before I give myself more time to ramble on about Autumn I’d like to take a look back at my favorite (summery) products, things, person etc. of August, I divided my favs in the categories “beauty” and “other”. In the beauty category I will give you some in depth info about the product and of course why I love it. But in the other category there will be a list from favorite food to favorite exercise (it can very per month) with sometimes a small explanation. Enjoy!


I already raved about this product in my StyleTone August unboxing blogpost and I have been using it almost every day since I received this. You probably guessed the product already, but for those who didn’t I am talking about the Brow Setter by Pease. I use it for filling in my eyebrows, but you can also easily shape your eyebrows with it. The product looks beautiful, doesn’t smudge or fade and yeah I just really like it!
Another thing I have been loving this month is the Hangover Replenishing Face Primer  by Too Faced. Not only because of the name but also for the delicious coconut/pina colada scent, cute packaging, how it hydrates my skin and mostly because it makes my makeup look amazingly good! The primer contains coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients and skin revivers which makes it very nourishing. I get dry skin pretty quickly and this primer made a big difference for me. Definitely try it out when you also have dry skin!

I have had the Shaaanxo eyeshadow and lipstick palette in one since it came out and it was love at first sight. However, if I’m honest I like the shadows more than the lipsticks since they really need a lipliner (in my opinion).  Nevertheless, Shaaanxo has done an amazing job on the colour range of both sides of the palette and I have used it a lot in August. That’s because I got into natural and soft pink smokey eyes and the top six colours are just perfect for that so I kept grabbing this palette.
The perfume that I have been wearing (do you wear a perfume? or do you use it?) is Quatre by Boucheron. It has been very hot in the Netherlands and with that kind of weather I like to use a perfume with a fresh scent and Quatre is one of them! The notes of Quatre include: lime, grapefruit, peach, strawberry, cedar and white musk. The scent is a tad sweet, but not sickly sweet, I can almost describe it as sophisticated. It kind of makes  feel like a Parisian woman?! Is that weird?
​   ​


Moving on, I have been loving way more things besides beauty products this month! Here is a small list.

Fav food: the fries from Friethoes, read my blogpost about Mysteryland to read more about them!
Fav person on social media: that’s definitely Zoella, I have been loving her main channel vids, but her vlogs are even more amazing!
Fav drink: ice cold water
Fav clothing item: simple white t-shirt
Fav exercise: squats!
Fav tv-series: “Don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23” it’s kind of like 2 broke girls, but the jokes are way better. A friend recommended it to me and now I’m recommending it to you!
And lastly:


Fav quote! Idk if you can actually see this as a quote, but I came across it a few times in August and I just love the positivity it brings, but also the type of sassy that it has.

I hope you enjoyed my first monthly favorites. Let me know what you loved in the month of August or things that I should try out!

Love Life,


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