StyleTone Unboxing: September 2016


Before I start with being overly excited the unboxing I wanted to let you know that I am very sorry for not uploading last week. As you might know, college has started again and last week my schedule was super busy 😦 Hopefully that was the first and last time I’m going miss a week of blogging. But now let’s get to the fun part! I received a new StyleTone box and wow, what a box it was.

The box contained:

  • Milky Lips by Ellis Faas, €27
  • Pore qualifying mineral detox mask by Figs & Rouge, €31, 50
  • Nail lacquer by Emité, €12
  • Mono eyeshadow by Notee, €9,90
  • Eyerule NO 4 volumizing extreme mascara by Ace of Face, €14,90

That is a total worth of €95,30 and I only payed €12,50

First thoughts on the products

I never heard about Ellis Faas, but apparently Vogue states that “she is one of the most influential makeup artist of her time.” However, more importantly this month I received one of her most popular products: the Milky Lips in the colour L201 also known as the Ellis Red.  I love red lips and this dark red colour is so beautiful! I am  going to wear this so much. The formula is a bit glossy, highly pigmented and it felt really nice on my skin. Even though the packaging looks very sleek, I don’t really like the fact that is has a small brush as applicator and that you need to twist the bottom in order to get product on the brush. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but I don’t think it will beat a classical lipstick for me.
I love pampering myself with face mask, so I am very excited about getting to try the Pore qualifying mineral detox mask (what a long name) by Figs & Rouge! However, I wore a face mask while opening this box and I am afraid that using face masks too often will make my skin break out. The product promises to eliminate impurities, such as blackheads, and draw out excess oils for a better looking skin. If you would like to read a review on this mask, please let me know!
The Nail lacquer caught my eye straight away, so I had to apply it as fast as I could. I don’t think I ever liked a nail polish as much and as fast as I did now. Is there a difference between a nail polish and lacquer? (I’m sorry if there is)
The colour is amazing and also very  on trend at the moment. It is a nude/rosy colour and I think you can wear this every season. Moreover the application is wonderful, you only need one layer and it dries super fast!! I need to have more Emité nail polishes, because I have never had such good thoughts on other brands.
I am also a very big fan of eyeshadows, if i do not wear eyeshadow my eyelids feel naked. However, normally I use warm toned eyeshadows in order to make my eyes look extra blue. The colour I received from the brand Note is called Number 4 and is a slightly shimmery  grey that will be perfect for a classic smokey eye. The product feels buttery, so I have the feeling that it will be very easy to blend. I don’t think that I would have bought this colour myself, but now I am kind of excited about it!? Even though, I don’t really know why. I guess I need to get into dark smokey eyes.
The last product in the box was a mascara by the brand Ace of Face (I love that name). Trying out new mascaras is not my favorite thing in the world, because the first time always looks horrible, at least when I do it. For some kind of reason I need to get used to the wand and find a way to make my lashes look amazing.   So, yes I had to apply this mascara multiple times before I liked the result but then I also fell in love. It made my lashes look so long and volumised! The trick this time was to make a zig-zag movement when applying the mascara.

Sadly, that was it for this month’s unboxing. I loved this box so much, there weren’t any products that I disliked and I can’t wait to try them out more. StyleTone slayed it and I am already excited about the next box.

Love life,


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