September Favs


I can’t believe how fast September went… It was a bit of a crazy month one moment it felt like summer and the next it was full on autumn! (Not that I mind) The best thing about September is probably that I could wrap myself into a blanket without sweating after five minutes. Read further for my beauty and non beauty related favs!

Beauty favs

I don’t have a lot of beauty favs this month, but lets just get  into it! Three products is better than nothing. First I would like to talk about the Emité Laquer in the colour Hone that I got in the last StyleTone box I received. It is such a pretty colour and the formula is amazing! It dries quickly and you only need one coat.

Since the weather of September went through a transition phase my skin got a bit dry and I fell in love with the Candied Ginger Body Butter of The Body Shop. The scent is sweet, but not too sweet with a hind of ginger and a bit of spices. Its lovely and very moisturizing.

This is probs my fav beauty product this month, the Sweet Tea Luminous Bronzer by Too Faced. I love that it has two shades, sometimes i mix the two or use the lightest shades on its own. However, when I had a tan during summer I could use the dark on its own. The bronzer is very blendable and the shine that it has makes the product look natural and very beautiful!  I wish Too Faced had a shop in the Netherlands…

Other favs

Fav food: peanut butter jelly sandwich ❤
Fav drink: Green Chai Tea by Clippper Tea
Fav tv-series: I watched Marco Polo and Narcos this month and sorry I can’t choose. Both are amazing and I highly recommend them!
Fav movie: Pretty Woman, because Julia Roberts is awesome
​Fav clothing item: High Waisted Jeans from H&M that only cost €9,99!
Fav person on social media: Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii, she is hilarious and her Girl Love promotion campaign is amazing. Check her out on youtube!!
Fav song: Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue

What did you love this month? Let me know!

Love life,


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