Colourpop Haul (with swatches)



Recently Colourpop had a promotion in which international shipping was free if you ordered a certain amount of products. Me and a friend of mine have wanted to buy Colourpop since ages!!! And so we finally ordered some products ❤
​Keep reading for the swatches of the products that I received!

Lets start of with the gel eyeliner pencils that I ordered! I got two: Mr. Bing and Get paid. Get paid is a glittery copper/golden colour. I thought it would be a fun twist in the waterline with a matte brown smokey eye! Or I could use it on the lid as a creamy eyeshadow or in the inner corner. The other colour is a collab between (of course) Colourpop and Kathleenlights a youtuber I talked about before in my first StyleTone unboxing.  It is warm brown eyeliner, which is beautiful with every eye colour. However, I love brown colours with my blue eyes, because it makes them look sooo much more blue and bright! The top colour is Get Paid (a bit brighter in real life) and the bottom colour is Mr. Bing 🙂

Then I have two lippie stix, both matte, and a lippie pencil. As you may know, I am obsessed with red lipsticks so I NEEDED to order one red lippie stix. I choose Bichette (upper colour), which is a bright red color with a hint of pink.  The other lippie stix is Lumiere a mauvey nude that was also created by Kathleenlights, at least I think so.. I wanted a colour like this for so long and I am so happy with it even though I noticed that it wears off pretty fast. The lippie pencil matches the lippie stix Lumiere and carries the same name.

​I noticed that the lippie stix have a strong sweet smell.. I’m not a big fan of that, but I think I will get over it. If not I will let you guys know.

Then I also ordered a Ultra Satin lip  and a Ultra Metallic lip, which are liquid lipsticks. I got the satin lip in the colour November, also a collab with Kathleenlights, that has a bright rosy pink colour and a mousse like texture. It is brighter than I expected it to be, but it is just lovely! And can be combined with any kind of makeup. Is it obvious that I love Kathleen…? The metallic lip is called 3-Way and is a plum colour with golden shimmers through it and its stunning! I cannot wait to wear this on a night out or top off a red lipstick with it! I will show pictures of me wearing it as soon as possible, so follow me on social media!
​I hope you like these kind of blogpost as much as I do! Want to see more hauls? Please let me know and comment below about your favorite Colourpop product!!

Love life,


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