StyleTone Unboxing: October 2016


It’s time for another StyleTone unboxing and even though it was supposed to be the last one of my subscription I think I’m going to extend it. Every month it has made me soo EXCITED! I received goodies I would never think of buying, but they made me so happy. Some even became a holy grail!!
Keep  reading for this months products ❤

This months products:

  • ​Eyebrow defining gel by Chella, €18​
  • Blush in the colour Cameo by Hikari, €15
  • Lighten up by Jelly Pong Pong, €20
  • Lip Crayon in the colour majesty by Starlooks, €19
  • Brush cleaner, €4.95

That is a total worth of €76.95!

First thoughts on the products

Let’s start of with the Eyebrow defining gel by Chella. It is a clear gel and can be used on its own or after filling in your brows. As you may know I only got into doing my brows in July and even though I still need to get used to the way my brows look, most of the time I REALLY like it! I used this product on my brows yesterday when getting ready for work and at first it looked a bit weird…. As it says it the name the brow hairs were more defined and I needed a little bit of time to get used to that i guess, because later that day I absolutely loved it!
The next product had a beautiful packaging and I wish I didn’t need to tear it to pieces in order to open it haha However, when I opened it I wasn’t that happy by the colour of the Hikari blush in Cameo. Absolute nonsense when I think of it now. It is a matte cool tone pink and now that I have applied it to my face, I can say that it is stunning!! The colour is sooo pretty and it blends very nicely. I’m definitely going to look at some other blushes by this brand


Hopefully, you can see the swatch…
The so called Lighten up pencil stole my heart in milliseconds! It has an ivory/creamy white colour and can be used for the water line, for lightening the brow bone and/or you can make ombre lips. I love that the colour isn’t full on white, because I don’t like that for the waterline. The product is also very creamy! It’s perfect 
I was a bit shook by the next product, because it is in a colour I wouldn’t have bought myself. It is a lip crayon by the brand Starlooks and it’s in the colour Majesty, which is a purple..  It’s a bit more purple in person than in the picture. It is not something I would wear daily, but for a party or something at night I think it would be pretty cool. I guess!? It’s something different and I’m kind of excited!


It’s so difficult to take nice pictures of swatches!!!!!!

The last product is a brush cleaner, which is always handy in my opinion. I’m thinking about making a “Does it really work?” blogpost on it. So, let me know if you would be interested in that. I’m also active on instagram, twitter, pinterest and recently facebook. You can find the links below my archives!

Also, I’m looking for some recommendations! I’m thinking about trying another beauty box after my (extending) subscription to StyleTone ends. Do you receive another beauty box? What’s your opinion?

Love Life,


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