Weekly Diary #1


As you may have seen I added a new page on my website called “Personal” on this page I am going to share weekly diaries with you in which (you may have guessed it) I will tell you about the week I had. I personally LOVE to read these types of blog posts! And I hope you will enjoy mine too. Butttt I don’t really see my life as super exciting so I am not sure if this will be a weekly thing. BTW I also love to see or read what people eat in a day. Is that crazy? Do you like that too?


Monday was such a long day!!!! And not just because it was monday. College started at 8:30 am meaning that I need to get up at 6 in order to make a appear like a functional human been. The lectures ended at 15:20, but ten minutes later I had a presentation about how the final 2 years of my study will look like and after that there was a ceremony for the students that were able to pass all their first year courses in one go. This certificate is a Dutch thing and honestly I don’t get why its a thing.. but okay. When the ceremony finally ended it was 18:00 pm, I was tired and SUPER hungry! So, me and the girls decided to go for a “little” glass of wine and a bite at Hoekenrode a grand café near our school. I wish I took a picture of the food, but It was amazing since it was mostly carbs haha. Plus we had such a good time! We ordered fries, bread, nachos and chicken wings. Not that healthy, but very satisfying after such a long (and boring) day.


It was time to go time to go to the gym, where I followed an intents class of pilates. With renewed energy I did my homework and studied until I had to go to the extra course that I’m following at college about European Law. Super interesting! However the class starts at 18:00 pm.. So your whole night is kinda ruined, During the day I also watched the tv series “How I met your mother” a little bit too much. #notaperfectstudent


When I woke up my muscles ached from the work out on Tuesday. (Which always feels like an accomplishment for me!) My lectures started at 14:30 pm so I again tried to study and ignore Netflix. Didn’t go as well as I wanted, but I still managed to do something useful. I would have had two classes , however the lecturer didn’t show up… Like why do students even try to go to college when teachers won’t. It made me pretty made, but le boyfriend was there to cheer me up. At night I worked on the blog and of course watch some more netflix!


The day started of horrible since I needed to wake up at six am again and I slept way too short.. I won’t bother you again by negging about how long I had to be at college. But sometimes we have some kind of sport class and this time we went spinning. It was the first time that I went spinning and I didn’t expect a lot from it, however I ABSOLUTELY loved it! It was very  intense, it left me feeling energized and super fit. In a week my regular gym will start giving spinning classes and I can’t wait to go again!


I was pretty hungry before the sports class so I bought this healthy bar/snack and it tasted very good! It included all kinds of nuts, dried fruit, healthy grains, cacao and a little bit of cayenne. A bit dry, but o well
At night I tried to relax by working on some blogpost and watching some tv. After spinning I planned on studying the whole evening… And I did but I felt like I needed some time for myself. I often try to relax without my phone or tv screen, I mentioned some ways that help for me, here. Take a look if you are interested 🙂


Friday flew by in the morning I needed to apply for a new passport. When I got home I studied for a few hours and then it was time to go to college since me and two others want to go to Georgia for a study trip however we wanted to have a talk with a teacher about the financing. Butttt he wasn’t there so it was a complete waste of my time. When I got home I ate an amazing piece of carrot cake from the Albert Heijn and than it was time to drive to bae for dinner❤️

Also I mixed the colours Lumiere and November by Colourpop on my lips and I absolutely loved the way it looked!


So, I don’t really have to tell a lot about my Saturday. I worked from 8 am till 17 pm and after I went to my boyfriend. I felt like eating fries (again, oeps) do then we needed to decided between ordering something with fries or go to McDonald’s. We went to McDonald’s.
​Normally I’m not a fan of the food at the McDonald’s, however this chicken Meastro Burger and of course the fries where pretty good! And that was the most exciting thing of my day haha.


On sunday (today) I studied almost the whole afternoon, because coming week I’ll have two german tests and the week after two exams. I also worked on this blogpost and  watched some more episode of “How I met your mother”. This weekend wintertime went in and it kinda screwed up my sense of time. Very annoying!

How was your week? I hope less boring! For the next weekly diary I’ll try to make moore pictures, I think that will be more fun.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love life,


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