October favs

It is the 1st of November and that means three things!
1. My doggy turns 8
2. Also it is the birthday of my little sister
3. And I’m ready for a new monthly favorites!

Beauty favs

I had two favorite lip products in October, so let’s starts with those! It’s been getting colder and colder outside and therefore my lips tend to get dry. Regular lip balms like “Labello” don’t really do the trick. However, I finally found one that works for me! It is the lip therapy SPF 15 balm by the brand the little pink tin. Definitely a favorite!

Another lip product that I’ve been using a lot, is the lippie stix in Lumière by Colourpop. ( read about the other Colourpop products I recently bought here) Normally, I like to rock a red lip. Which I also did this month, but not as much as this beautiful mauve tone. I absolutely love it!

The first time I saw this eyeshadow palette (Burgundy times nine palette by MAC) it was in a video of Danimansutti and I fell in love with the colours right away! Idk how I got my parents so far, but they gave it to me as a Christmas present. (Fun fact: I did order the palette by myself and then my parents gave it to me haha) However, when I opened it I was shocked about how small the palette was compared to the price… Nevertheless I love the eye shadows and I have been using it tons in the past month!

The perfume that I loved this month was also a Christmas gift from last year. It is the perfume Si by Giorgio Armani. It smells so goooooood! It’s smells fruity, sexy and sweet. A perfect perfume for fall and I kinda feel like a strong woman when I wear it ❤

Another product that I used almost every day in the last few weeks is the Eyerule Mascara No 4 by Ace of Face, which I received in the September Styletone box. It makes my lashes long and volumised. SO PRETTY!

Other favs

Fav tv show: In October I watched the whole series of How I met your mother and it was amazing! I saw the last few episodes yesterday and I cried my eyes out… 😦
Fav song: The Greatest by Sia. I wish I could sing like her!
Fav person on social media: Definitely Poppy Deyes! I’ve been obsessed with her blog this month.
Fav food: For the first time in my life I had Chilli Cheese Fries at Burger Bitch  and I have been dreaming about it ever since!
And that where my favorite things during the month of October! What did you absolutely love in the past month?
Love life,​Maxime

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