Weekly diary #2: tests, sushi, birthdays and more!

The beginning of this week was a bit hectic, since so much happened in a short amount of time. Even though, I had to study a lot and was not able to post something new on friday it was a good week. Multiple food babies where made ❤


Monday started of with a German oral test and I think it went okayish. After the test I had a three hour break and with some classmates I went on the hunt for a pet store, because the next day it would be my doggy’s birthday. Sadly, we didn’t succeeded one of my classmates decided to cook a curry sausage for all of us. Couldn’t say no to that! Time flew bye and soon we where back in class, which wasn’t that exciting.

When I got home me and my mom went to the local pet store in the hope that it was open, and it was!( I bought two toys and she loves them!!!) In the evening bae came over and I watched the last episodes of How I met your mother. I cried my eyes out 😭


Because of the “find a dog toy” mission I walked more than 10000 steps! Something that hasn’t happened in while..



Not only was it the birthday of my dog, but also of my little sister! So, we started the day with a big birthday breakkie♥️ The rest of the morning I studied and work on the blog. In the afternoon I
got my eyes checked and ordered some new glasses for days when I don’t feel like wearing contacts. Finding my first glasses took hours as I didn’t really liked the way it looked, however this time it only took 15 minutes!!! And I can’t wait for it to arrive! For dinner the family and my boyfriend went to Sushitoday, the best Japanese restaurant I know! It was delicious and I ate way too much haha #foodbaby

Definitely check out Sushitoday!


I don’t have a lot to say about Wednesday… I studied and tried to not procrastinate. That’s pretty much it.


On Thursday I had to college for the second and thankfulky last German exam of the week, which went pretty good I think. The rest of the day I studied my ass off and in the evening I went to bae for a cosy evening.


In the morning I picked up my new passport, so naturally I had to look at my dream holidays. ( I really want to go to Bali in the summer holiday) However, not for long as I had to study again. In the evening I went to Le boyfriend again and later we met some friends. Also, I ate a lot on Indonesian food that night and pastry, it was great!!!

Also because of the exams I didn’t want to start watching a new tv series, however I failed… So, now I’m watching modern family. It’s so funny, I love it!


As usual I had to work on Saturday from 8 am until 5 pm. I tried to go home as fast as possible since we celebrated the birthday of my little sister that evening with family. We had a great time and because it is my boyfriend’s’ birthday on sunday my grandparents gave him a present. So sweet!

I had the plan to stay up until midnight so I could be the first one to congratulate bae with his birthday, however when my family left I felt sooooo tired! Mission failed 😦



When bae woke me up early as I needed to make another birthday breakfast, I kinda forgot that he turned 22 for a second haha. But then I started to spoil him with a bunch of little presents and the perfume Sauvage by Dior (it smells so good!), waffles and a lot of hugs and kisses! After another food baby we needed to head off to his parents to celebrate his birthday with the rest of his family. Sadly, I needed to leave early as I have exams tomorrow. The rest of the day I spend studying and wishing I was with Le boyfriend to celebrate his birthday…

I’m sorry if this weekly diary isn’t as long as the first one. I hope you still liked to read it! If you also have some exams in the near future, I wish you a lot of luck!!

Love life,


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