Shopping haul: Primark & Van Haren



​So, I kinda went on a massive shopping spree. However, it was very necessary as I didn’t had a lot of sweaters for winter. And I thought that it would be fun to show you what I bought!

Let’s start of with the shoes!!! I went to Van Haren, because their shoes have a very good quality for the price. I planned on buying one pair of black boots, but when I saw a Timberland like boot I fell in love!!!! So I left the store with two pairs of boots. oeps
Then me and mom went to Primark. When I was a bit younger I didn’t really like the company, but now that I’m a student saying no to fashionable, cheap clothing isn’t something that happens that often.  I am super happy with the items I got! Some are a bit more fashionable than others, but cozy outfits for the lazy cold days are  also pretty important in my opinion haha

Let’s start of with some comfy items. I choose this jumper as it reminded me of the 70’s and it is something they could wear in the tv serie Stranger things. I loooove these types of jumpers and this colour suits me pretty well. i had to get those leggings as they are just the cutest!!! I also got one with candy canes

Now you know that I am a christmas fanatic. I don’t think that I need to explain the one with rudolph! I got the other sweater, because it is suuuper soft on the inside and I liked the way it looked on me even though it’s probably one of those sweaters in which I won’t leave the house.

This is a little bit more fashionable. I’ve been wanting to buy more blouses for ages that aren’t white. I finally managed to find some cute ones that can be worn casually or a bit more business like!

I probably love these items the most, even though they are not Christmas related. The jumper is super cozy, but is still sexy because of the v-neck. Which looks beautiful!!! And the hat is just the cutest

I also got some products of the Body Shop, but I am going to write a review on. See you will see them on the blog very soon! I’m not super happy with the way the pictures turned out, next time I will take the pictures differently. Hopefully, you liked this haul! What is your craziest christmas outfit!?

Love life,


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