Weekly diary #3 : exams, shopping, headaches and more!

Another week has passed, and personally I found it a weird week because of the American election… I was surprised by the Brexit, but this topped everything.


A new day, a new test… This time it was for International Supply Chain Management, something I do not find interesting at all. So studying for it wasn’t that great, however I powered through and I think that I passed it with a good grade!

After the test me and another student decided to go to the library to practice for our English reading and writing test, which we had the next day. But first we got a cappuccino. We practiced a few hours and it went pretty well.

Until I got a massive headache.. So, I decided to go home earlier. In the bus the headache became a migraine. I absolutly hate migraines, because when I get them I get super unproductive, I seriously can’t function anymore! However, I heard that I passed Business German 1 with an eight as average. That cheered me up a lot! At night the pain went down, so I spend some more time on English and I felt ready for the next and luckily last test of the block!


In the morning I had the English test, however it was a digital test and we needed to wait for 40 minutes until the computers finally worked. During that time my headache started to worsen again…

​So, making the test was horrible. I have no idea whether I passed or failed, I hate that feeling so much!

This week it has been very cold. When I came home I decided to have a YumYum noodle soup as lunch (this is the only type of soup I love). The rest of the day I relaxed and at night I went to le boyfriend. When I got home it was the beginning of election night so I decided to follow that while also watching The Crown on Netflix. I really really reeeaally like history and this serie fits me perfectly, it’s amazing!
Sadly, I could not watch the whole election night as I fell asleep hahaha.


So delicious!!


I woke up, just before eight AM, and the last votes were being counted. Slowly, it became clear that Trump won.. I was shocked.

But I didn’t let it ruin my day. Me and my mom went shopping in Hoofddorp and we had a great time! I’m planning to show you all the things I bought in a separate blogpost later this month.
The rest of the day I worked on some other posts and watched another episode of The Crown. ​


I’m going to share something very personal with you. I am born with too many veins in my neck, making it look like I have a big bruise there. So, about a year ago I decided to get something done about it and on Thursday morning I had my fourth little treatment/surgery on it. It went really well! However it is a bit sore now, but that will pass in a few days. It’s nothing major 🙂

In the afternoon I picked up my new glasses! Worked a little on the blog and an essay. In the evening I relaxed with bae ❤



On Friday I went to Amsterdam with my girls. We met at the Central station of Amsterdam and then we walked all afternoon through the city! I love these types of walks! However, wearing heels wasn’t a smart decision… My feet were killing me at the end. haha Luckily, we were able to get a  tram  back to the station. There we went to a little cafe/restaurant called Flame where we had some Hot Chocolate!

Afterwards I went to another friend in Amsterdam who has her own place, where we celebrated here birthday! It was almost time for dinner when I arrived so I helped here with preparing a salad and some other bits and pieces while she was making PIZZA!!! I was really excited about it haha
Also, I tried the apple cider of Somersby, which is a brand from Denmark. It SUPER tasty and refreshing. It beats Jillz fair and square. You should definitely try it out! I think that you can find it at Gall&Gall or the Macro in the Netherlands.

All in all, I had a great day and night!


I had to wake up pretty early as I needed to go to work… And yeah it was a pretty normal day. Afterwards, I went to bae and we watched the movie November Man. I fell asleep just before the end of the film, so it was a super exciting day haha


On sunday I slept in. I tried to convince Le Boyfriend that we should go Christmas shopping, because well I love Christmas shopping. WHO DOESN’T? My boyfriend doesn’t… So, I worked on the blog and in a moment I am going to focus on writing an essay. Then we will probably watch some movies.

I hope you had a nice week and that you have exciting plans for next week! Next week, I start a new college block and I’m going to Brussels!

Love life,


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