Does it really work? Brush cleaner

Recently I received this pink brush cleaner in a StyleTone box and as someone who should deep clean her makeup brushes more often this seemed like a nice tool.

​But does it really work? Keep reading to find out!

The StyleTone “guide” that is enclosed with every box says that you can use any type of brush cleanser that you like with this little tool. In order to clean your brushes you need to apply the brush soap or cleanser etc. to the brush hairs and rub then on the pink Brush Cleaner. Than you rinse the brushes under running water and after that you rub the brushes again on the pink tool under running water. So, I did!


I used this brush cleanser from Kruidvat, a Dutch drugstore. For the price I think that it’s pretty good.
I used a generous amount of cleanser on the product. With the help of the little tool the makeup on the brushes was easily removed! Plus it went super fast!!


These are the brushes that I use the most, so I decided to deep clean them!
Cleaning the big pinky brush was a bit difficult, because of its size. It was a bit too big and therefor it could really use the top bit of the brush cleaner which I thought helped more by cleaning the roots of the brush. However, for the rest of my brushes it worked perfectly!


​Afterwards I let them dry on a towel and to be honest I was afraid that I was a bit too rough on the bristles. But they came out just fine. So yeah! I didn’t expect to like this product as mush as I do, now that I FINALLY tried it out. It is a very easy and fast way to clean makeup brushes properly and hopefully I will clean them a bit more often! Haha



How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Love life,


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