The Body Shop Bath Fizzers: Review

As I mentioned in my shopping haul I bought some products from the Body Shop for a review. And today I’m sharing one of them with you! These little things are bath fizzers and they are only €1 a piece. I love taking baths, especially with a bath bomb or bath oil, so I had to try them out!

The bath fizzers come in four fragrances: plum, berry bliss, frosted flower and vanilla. You may notice that the plum fizzer is missing, that’s because my mom also had to try them out and she did that before I had the chance to take pictures haha.

The fizzers have a light colour that coordinates with the wrappers. When you put them in the bath, they leave the water looking milky. This is probably, because the products contain talc.

​So, unlike most bath bombs from Lush they do not make the bath water colourful. I don’t really mind that, but those colours do cheer me up and make the bath a little bit more luxurious.

But I do really like the scents of the bath fizzers! The berry bliss, smell fresher than I expected and it reminds of cranberries. The frosted flower one, at first made me think of lavender. But later on it became more of an all round floral scent and I found it very calming. I’m not always in the mood for a sweet scent, but when I am, this Vanilla scent will do the job. It is a great scent!
Obvs I haven’t tried the plum bath fizzer yet, but I think that it will also smell pretty good.

I also love how the bath fizzers make my skin feel! They gently moisturize and soften your skin without making it feel oily. (the absolute con of a bath oil in my opinion)

Overall, I think the bath fizzers by the Body Shop are great, especially for the price! However, when I’m in the mood for a super luxurious bath I wouldn’t grab one of these. And if you wanted to know, my mom also really likes the bath fizzers. She even went back to the store to get some more!

What should I review next?

Love life,


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