The Body Shop, Himalayan Charcoal Mask: Review


Today I’m sharing another skincare review with you! I have a bit of a face mask obsession. And the Himalayan Charcoal/purifying glow masks attracted me as soon as it came out, but I haven’t had the time to try it out until a few weeks ago. Now that I have used it several times, I can finally share my thoughts on this face mask!

 First of all, I really like the packaging! It feels very luxurious as the container is made from glass, plus I looooove the simplicity of the design.  For only €20 you get 75ml of product!

​The masks promises to unclog and refine pores and to reveal your glow in only 5-10 minutes. (Perfect for the peeps that prefer quick masks) The first thing I noticed when I unscrewed the lid, was the scent of the mask. It is a fresh but strong, eucalyptus/tea tree smell.
​When apllying the mask to your skin, you need a good amount of product to cover your face evenly since the product is pretty thick. Thankfully, it’s not the most expensive mask in the world, but it is quite a shame. As soon as you apply the masks it begins to dry and more importantly it almost looks like it pulls the gunk out of your pores!!


Not the most glamorous picture haha, but as you can see it is SUPER effective on the side of my nose! You can kinda see some slight thickness on top of some pores and that is gunk that is being removed. Again, not that glamorous but jeej!!

As you can see in the picture the mask has a creamy and grainy texture. The grainy like bits are dried tea leaves! Looks pretty funny on your face, but it created a mess in the sink 😂 However, it exfoliates your skin amazingly when you rinse off the mask!

Overall, I LOVE this face masks! It cleans my face sooooo good and it feels soft afterwards. However, I do recommend to apply a moisturizer afterwards, because it is a bit drying. The Body Shop says that you can use the mask 2-3 times a week. I personally, think that 3 times a week is a lot, since it is a very strong mask. I’m going to stick to 1-2 times a week! I definitly want to try out their other new face masks! Let me know if you would like to see a review on them as well. 🙂

Love life,


​Ps. I just came home from a dinner at the pop-up restaurant of my favourite food blogger!!!! I’m so happy haha. Have a great day or sleep thight!

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