Freeman Beauty Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask: Review


Its time for another face mask review. I picked up this mask at the Kruidvat, a drugstore, for under €4! I have used the pomegranate peel-off mask from this brand for a while, but I thought it was time to try out something different!

The first thing I noticed about this mask is the thick consistency, which I think is great! As it makes it easier to apply the mask evenly on your face. You kinda smell the oatmeal that is in the mask, a bit weird but I don’t really mind it. The mask does contain a little bit of perfum, which makes it smell more like a cleansing product. I think that adding perfume to face products is unneseccary since it can irritate the skin….

See the picture below to read about the other ingredients.


Don’t mind the product that’s on the tube haha
The mask claims to deep clean your face and purify your pores. Additionally, it says that it will leave your skin soft and hydrated. And I agree with most of these statements. My skin feels and looks very clean after I use this mask! I also have the feeling that it makes my pores less obvious and my skin feels SUPER soft. It wasn’t stated on the packaging, but the product made my skin look more matte, which I quite like. However, I don’t find this mask hydrating at all. 5 minutes after removing the mask, my skin starts to feel very dry. So, I definitely recommend to use a moisturizer afterwards!
​Overall, the mask is pretty good for the price! However, at the moment I’m not in love with the product. But I do have the feeling that I would like the product more in periods when my skin gets a bit more oily and because of the cold weather it is pretty dry at the moment. I will keep using it in the meantime, as it made my skin feel great. Especially when applying a moisturizer afterwards. Moreover, I’m definetly going to try out more masks of Freeman Beauty!You can find there products on amazon and on the website of Freeman Beauty. Moreover, in the Netherlands they are available at Kruidvat and De Tuinen.


Love Life,


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