Diary Week 2 of 2017: booking a vacation, bowling, and more!

After this week I can probably wave goodbye to me new year resolution, that concerned eating more healthy haha. I also went back to college….. My exams are in two weeks, so I have a lot of stuff to do in order to prepare for it. All in all, it was a pretty good week. Cause, I booked a freaking holiday!! ❤


On Monday I had to go back to college, since the Christmas break was over. But before I went to school we celebrate my brother’s birthday by preparing a big breakfast, with different types of rolls, croissants, eggs etc. I wasn’t really excited about college but, on the other side I was going to see my friends again! I can tell you about my day at college, but believe me it wasn’t that entertaining.
When I arrived back home I was exhausted, but nevertheless I wrote a blogpost. Afterwards I treated myself on an episode of The Client List. Then it was time for dinner, which was the favorite food of my brother, namely MEXICAN!❤️
So, I ate waaaaaaay to much hahaha

The rest of the night I spent searching for vacations with bae and at the end of the night we booked one! WE ARE GOING TO RHODOS, A GREEK ISLAND AND IM SUPER EXCITED!!!


I ignored my alarm clock, and finally woke up around 9:30. Which was waaaay later than I wanted to, but apparently I needed the extra sleep. I didn’t had any classes that day, so I did not have to hurry. But I still had a ton of work to do for college.

So, I did. Around 11 my mom went to the Action, a low budget store, and I decided to go with. #procrastination
I bought a very cool beauty tool that you will see a review on very soon!!!
The rest of the day wasn’t that exciting as I spent it studying. However, at night is was time for another episode of Grey’s Anatomy❤️


Again, I did not need to go to college. However this time a woke up when my alarm clock when off haha
Wednesday was filled with homework and preparing for my exams, so it wasn’t really entertaining. Late in the afternoon I went to my boyfriend where we played some Magic the Gathering, because we are big nerds. 🙂

Oh, and I did a Blogilates work out!


At 8:30 I was at college for my first and kind of only class of that day. Afterwards me and another student worked on an essay together, which took pretty long even though wasn’t a lot of work. Than it was time to go to our, sports class which does not really deserves the word class. But we went ice skating, so that was pretty cool. It took me some time to get used to the ice again, but at the end I was skating pretty fast!
I had a lot of fun and wish I took some pictures for you….

Straight after the class I went to bae with public transport, since they forcasted a pretty bad traffic jam because of the horrible weather. It was the birthday of his sister, so we ate pizza, ice cream and pie. Oops. But we had a evening night with his family. Jordy brought me home that night and as soon as I hit the pillow with my head, I fell asleep.


I had to be at school super early again for an extra class I’m following. It felt like the first useful class of the week, so I didn’t really mind it. Afterwards we had a break of two hours. Me and two other students decided to go to Burger King to try out their Mozzarella sticks and then to Subway for a sandwich, I got the veggie delight one ❤

It was okayish, but would not get it again.

I have a deep love for this sandwich, even though it only has greens and cheese haha
Then we had two other classes until five in the afternoon. When I got home I was suuuper tired, so I did not do anything special. Me and the boyfriend had a chill night.


From 8.00 until 17.30 I worked at my part-time job. Afterwards I picked up Jordy and we went to my house, because at eight we were going bowling with my family. We played it for 2 hours and I absolutely sucked at it hahaha
But we did had a lot of fun and that is what counts!

At home I wanted to watch a movie, but bae was tired. So, we had an early night, which I secretly enjoyed.


I finally slept in! I wish I could have had a relaxing day, but I still need to do a lot for college. After I brought Jordy home, I worked on a report, prepared myself for another SAP ERP test and then I studied for the two German test I have next week. I had one study break in, which I took a bath to clear my mind and took some pictures for the blog.

After my dinner, LASAGNE!!!! I worked some more on the blog and studied a bit more for German. Now, I am going to publish this post and the rest of the evening I will probably spent watching the Client list.

I hope that you had a nice week! Do you already have plans for the summer? Don’t get me wrong, I love every season. But I am so ready for the summer sun!

Love Life,


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