StyleTone Unboxing: January


Here is the January StyleTone unboxing and of course with my thoughts on the products. Sadly, this will be the last unboxing of StyleTone as I want to try another subscription or choose more products on my own to review. I’ve been doing these for half a year, so it’s time for something new!

Products in the bus:
-Long Lash Waterproof Mascara by Emité, worth €22
-Lip Gloss in Lise by Evelyn Iona, worth €20
-Flawless Effects Active Lumioux Serum by Figs & Rouge, worth €38
-Guava Butter by Seraphine Botanicals,  worth €21
-Fan Brush (No. 27) by Bellapierre Cosmetics, worth €20

That is a total worth of €121!!!


I also received these cards, since StyleTone existed for 2 years this month, Therefore, the total worth of the box was higher than normal.

First thoughts on the products


I really like the fact that StyleTone puts a new mascara once in three months, since that is the normal lifetime of a mascara. However, I’m not super happy with this one. The formula is great, and it makes my lashes look pretty long. But every time I applied it, the mascara transferred on my eyelids… I will give the mascara another chance, but if I’m not happy with it then I’ll toss it.

Compared to other glosses the lip gloss of Evelyn Iona it isn’t very sticky and it stays on your lips for a decent amount of time. Furthermore, I really like the colour! It looks very natural on the lips and I believe that it will also be stunning if you put a  soft pink or nude lip pencil underneath the gloss!

Don’t mind the awkward swatch on my hand haha
Ever since I received the box, I’ve been using this serum before I put on my day cream every morning. I like how the serum makes my skin feel, but I don’t think that it does anything else for my skin besides the extra hydration. As some one with dry skin, I don’t mind it. I will keep using it, but I will probably not buy it when it runs out.
The Guava Butter can be used on the lips and on the cheeks. However, I prefer to use the product on my cheeks. A little bit of the balm goes a long way, so I apply it with a light hand when I like to use it as a blush. Moreover, the colour looks lovely on the cheeks!

Applying the balm on the lips isn’t that tricky, but I don’t really like how the formula makes my lips look. It makes the lines in your lips very visible…. Even though, the colour could be beautiful it absolutely doesn’t work for me.
The product I’m the most excited about this month definitely is the Fan Brush by Bellapiere Cosmetics!  The brush feels very soft and nice on the skin. I love to use this brush for highlighter, but you could also use it for contouring. I have one small complaint, because I think that applying an form of pressed powder would go even better if the brush was a bit more dense.

Love Life,


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