Diary Week 4 of 2017: lots of food, going to Limburg and more!


It is time for another weekly diary. Last week I was very busy with preparing for my exams and therefore it wasn’t that exciting. There wasn’t really something to write about, however this week there is. So keep reading!


In the morning I had my first exam of the week, namely Corporate Finance and I think that it went very good. When we were done it was almost lunch time, and me and some other students were hungry. After discussing what to eat, we ended up at Burger Bitch.  There I ordered the chili cheese fries.

So tasty, but so unhealthy

When I arrived home I studied for the rest of the afternoon. Afterwards I went to Jordy for a chilled night in front of the tv.


I woke up early. to study a bit more for the exam I had that day. The exam was from 12:00 until 14:00. So, before I went to college I treated myself on a healthy, early lunch.

I finished the test pretty fast and was back at home around 14:00. I studied some more, but I didn’t had a lot of concentration…

In the late afternoon, I gave up and decided to relax a bit. So, the rest of the night I watched old episodes of Top Gear and at 20:30 it was time for Grey’s Anatomy.


Lunch! Avocado on toast with a tomato salad.


On Wednesday I had my last test of the week. The exam started at 14:30, so I spent that morning preparing for the test. Again, I didn’t had a lot of concentration. The test was not what I expected… I’m not sure whether I passed or not :/

After the test I waited at school for about an hour on some friends, since we where going out for dinner to catch up. We decided to go to Hoekenrode, a restaurant near our college. My main dish was a spicy, creamy, garlic spaghetti with prawns and for dessert I ordered a lemon cheesecake! Yum ❤

The food was really good! The service, sadly, had been better… But most importantly I had such a good time with the girls!!!

When I arrived home I realized that I had a holiday for the next week and a half, so I celebrated that by watching tv shows until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I actually wanted to work on some new blog posts, but I did’t have WiFi on my laptop.


​I kicked off the day by taking a long walk with my doggie❤️ It was -4 degrees, and therefore it wasn’t as plesent as I expected it to be. But my dog loves cold weather, so she was very excited. Which was great to see!
Afterwards I did some groceries as I needed to get some ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies! In the afternoon I baked the cookies, worked on new blogposts (recipe for the cookies will be up soon) and watched some Netflix. It was so relaxing! In the evening bae came over. While munching on some cookies we watched a few episodes of Travelers.


I stayed in my bed longer than usually, scrolling through social media. The rest of the morning I spent blogging until I needed to get ready for work. From 12:30 till 18:30 I worked at my part time job. Afterwards I went to see Jordy, for another chilled night!


I woke up early since it was my regular work day. When I finished work I needed to pick up my little brother at one of his friends. I arrived home around 6 in the afternoon/evening. After filling my belly with my dad’s famous pancakes, me and bae spent the night playing card games.


We couldn’t sleep in, since we needed to go to South Limburg to celebrate the birthdays of my dad and two of my uncles with the whole family. So around 10:15 we headed off. I drove the whole way, which is approximately 2,5 hours. Normally I hate to drive long distances, but this time it went pretty great!! I’m kind of proud of myself haha.

At my my family we made a Mexican food feast and ate lots of cake☺️ After dinner we drove back home and halfway we stopped at a gas station where we bumped into some family members who left the party a bit earlier than we did. After the break I took over the wheel from my dad. Back home me and Jordy played some more card games until he, sadly, needed to go home. I lost all of the games by the way hahaha

And that was my week! I hope you had a great week, and that this one is going to be even better 😀
I don’t have any classes this week, so I’m going to relax as much as possible! Do you have plans for this week?

Love Life,


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