Impuls Beauty Multifunctional Beauty Set: Review


I’ve wanted to by an electronic face brush to clean my face for ages!!! However, they can easily cost you €100 and I didn’t really feel like spending that much money on a product without knowing is something like that would work for my skin. About a month ago I came across this Beauty Set by Impuls Beauty for only €6.49 at Action, a company that has stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. I’ve been using the product for my face ever since I got it and today I’m sharing my thoughts on it!

The set includes 11 types of accessories from which 4 are meant for the skin on your face. (see picture below)

From left to right, there is a soft brush, then there is a makeup sponge, a latex sponge and a massage tool. I prefer to use the soft brush and the makeup sponge in order to clean my face. I find the latex sponge a bit unnecessary and the massage tool doesn’t feel nice on the skin at all. Nevertheless, for only €6.49 it is a great set since you also get accessories that can be used on your hands and feet.

Furthermore, you can choose between two speeds for the rotation of the accessories. I don’t really like one speed more than the other, it kind of depends on my mood. When I feel like cleaning my face gently I will use the slower speed and when I feel like my skin needs a bit more work I will put in on the higher speed. Also, the accessories can easily be cleaned with a little bit of soap and water!

Moreover, I wanted to try this set out to find out the reaction my skin would give if I would use this type of brush.. My skin can get very dry and is pretty sensitive, so  I was prepared for the worst. However, m skin is clearing up! I’m using the brush every other day to clean my face properly. It depends on my mood whether I use the makeup sponge or just a cotton pad to remove my makeup.

Overall, I’m really happy with this product, even though I haven’t used the accessories that can be used for your hands and feet. If you would like to read a review on them, please let me know! Additionally, I definitely recommend checking out this set or another type of electric face brush that doesn’t cost you a fortune!


This is the whole set!

Love Life,



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