Diary Week 6 of 2017: From Study Abroad Stress to Some Serious Adulting and Snowball Fights!

I had a pretty messy week, since I couldn’t get my head around making a decision for my study abroad next year as an exchange student. The study abroad is a mandatory part of my course, since I’m studying International Business. My week involved lots of stress and tears, luckily I was finally able to make a top 5 of cities I would like to study at. Keep reading to find out!


I kicked off the new week by going to the gym. There I worked out my arms and did lots of cardio! After freshing up and lunch, I headed to Amsterdam to see some fellow students/friends ( I should call then friends now, cause I had a little break down over my exchange and they handled it pretty well) until we needed to go to college for a presentation. Just before the presentation I discovered the Oreo Donut, made by the brand itself. I was so excited to try it!!! Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I expected.. It was more cake than donut and I don’t really recommend as the taste wasn’t good either.
The presentation ended at 5 in the afternoon. Which for me and some others meant time to get a drink! I only had one glass of wine before I went back home, but in that short amount of time I had a lot of fun!
I apparently walked a lot that day and that probably explains why I was so tired that night!


My classes started at 12:50, so I had a slow start. I was busy with the blog and at 11:30 I met up with a friend, let’s call her N, in Amsterdam for an early lunch date! I ordered a sandwich with slightly warm goat cheese, fig compote, walnuts and a mixture of lettuce. It was super delish!

I was pretty happy with my makeup that day
With N I talked about my stress for my study abroad and that making the decision for my exchange was difficult. We work together, so obvs we also needed to talk a little bit about our jobs haha. It was really nice to sit down and talk! I had to leave a bit early for my first class of International Law, which I think will be very interesting! After Law I went home and watched the new episode of Jane the Virgin, and in the evening I spent some time with le boyfriend.


I had a bit of a more normal day at college on Wednesday, but nevertheless I started of the day by doing a little ab work out. In the afternoon I took some pictures for the blog. Then t was time for dindins and afterwards I went to bae for a night in front of the tv.


On Thursday I didn’t had any classes, but I still went to school since there was an “abroad market” where I would get some more information about universities. Sadly, I didn’t get any information that I hadn’t had yet. Soooooo that was a waste of my time. Not that the rest of that day was useful, as I spent it with watching Netflix and sobbing on the decision I had to make for my student exchange. Luckily, le boyfriend calmed me down that evening (cause I had another break down when he arrived) and helped me with making my final decision.

Oh yeah and I also had an adult moment, since I CALLED an optician for new contacts haha and I did the “Stemwijzer” a quiz that helps you find out which political party suits you the most. In a month I can vote for the first time! So, I thought I would find out which parties have the same ideas as me. 🙂


I didn’t feel that well, but I did go to the one class I had that day. When I got home I finally filled in the form for my study abroad in which I had to list a top 5 of my preferred cities  to go to.

My top five is:
1. Brighton, England
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Milan, Italy
4. Edinburgh, Scotland
5. Stockholm, Sweden

And I’m pretty happy with my decision! Mid/end March I will get to here where I’m going, which is super  exciting and freighting at the same time.. The rest of the day I again spent with watching Netflix, but in the evening I went to see le boyfriend.


As usual I had to work the whole day. At the end of the day me and my family had a movie night featuring lots of nachos and popcorn! It was great! We saw the movie Iron Man and rewatched the first episode of True Blood.


I woke up to a winter wonderland and therefore me and the family had to go to the forest for a long walk with the doggie and of course a snowball fight! We had loads of fun in the snow 😀

After all of the snow fun and cleaning up the house bae, who had a guys night out the day before, came over. We started a new TV show called The 100 and for dinner we went to McDonald, I know super romantic haha

That was my week! It had some ups and downs… But nevertheless I was finally able to make a decision out of all the universities I could go to next year. I’m really happy with my top 5 for the study abroad/exchange! I hope your week didn’t contain any break downs or a trace of stress. And if so, I’m so sorry!! You will probably feel better soon, as everything happens for a reason. In the meantime:

Love Life,


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