More ways to relax!

Ages ago I wrote an article about certain ways I like to distress and I thought that it was good idea to share some more! I’ve been stressing a lot lately for school and the three methods I’m going to mention really helped me relax.

Pamper Night

One of the best to distress in my opinion is some ME TIME, and it just doesn’t get better than having a pamper night! Which I like to start of with a bath, for my ultimate pamper routine, click here.

Lunch Dates

Recently, I’ve been having lots of coffee or lunch dates with friends and I notice that it’s helping me to relax. Which isn’t that weird, everybody feels better after talking about a problem right? Finding someone that you can easily talk to is soooo important! Talking about something that is stressing you out can relief so much tension. Not only that, but a real friend would give you advice and/or calms you down. It’s a prefect way of relaxing while enjoying and maybe try out some new hot spots!


I think that organizing or cleaning is a way of relieving stress, but when you do it well you can prevent it! From cleaning and organizing closets to using a journal can make a big difference. For example cleaning my room makes me feel super productive, which leads to a relaxed Maxime. Do you have that too?

However, I personally love to make to-do lists! They motivate you, simply cause you want to finish the list, and crossing things off the list is just the best feeling ever. In order to do so I use the desk planner below, which you can find at the HEMA in the Netherlands. Not only can you use it as a diary, it is also great for to-do list. โค

Those were some extra ways to relax. It is a short blog post, but I hope that it helps you out. How do you like to relax?
Love Life,โ€‹M

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