Diary Week 11 of 2017: from voting for the first time to a poker night!

So again my week wasn’t that exciting but I thought that I should give you guys a personal update. In week 10 of this year I finally received my study abroad ranking result, and I’m going to Brighton next year!!!! Which was my number 1 choice so I’m super excited! πŸ˜€

But now let’s talk about week 11!


During the weekend I got sick and on Monday I still didn’t feel that good. However I only had 1 class that day, so I decided to attend it. When I arrived back home I felt horrible but I had to work on an important essay and on some blog articles.

In the evening I took some time for myself and relaxed by watching Netflix haha


Luckily I didn’t had any classes. But again I still had some stuff to do for the group essay. I also worked a lot on the blog. In the afternoon I spent more time to relax as I still felt stick.

In the evening I started to feel better and ate lots of lasagne! Le boyfriend came over and we watched some more episodes of the 100 together. πŸ™‚


In the morning I voted for the first time for the Dutch elections! Not that special, but yeah it happened haha

Then I went to college to work on the group essay. In class we got some feedback on the paper, which kind of stressed me out. But luckily it wasn’t that much of a hassle afterwards.

The weather was great that day, so after class me and a few fellow students decided to go to a bar where we could sit in the sun and have a drink.

In the evening I tried to stay up for as long as possible to watch the results of the elections.


I again didn’t had any classes, so in the morning I worked on some college stuff and finally handed in the group essay. Then I headed to the gym to make sure that my subscription cancels in may as I don’t really have the time and motivation for it at the moment.
In the evening I made my famous baked potatoes, which my boyfriend loves in order to treat him a bit. πŸ™‚


In the morning I had to go to college. When I got back home I celebrated the fact that it was weekend by binge watching orange is the new black. I also worked a bit on the blog!


I worked all day at my part time job and in the evening me, Le boyfriend and some of his friends held a poker night! Which was lots of fun!


We also played some roulette haha


It got a bit late the night before so I slept in for a long long time. When I had some more energy I cleaned my makeup brushes, which was a bit overdue. Oops haha Then I painted my nails with the EmitΓ© Lacquer in the color Hone. The rest of the day I spent watching Netflix.

And that was a short update of my week! Do you like this diaries or would you prefer an update every month or so? Let me know!

Love Life,


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