Too Faced Sweet Peach palette: Review


So, I treated myself with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! I actually wanted to buy it during my summer holiday in France last year, but then they were out of stock. Luckily the palette came back, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on it! I ordered mine at the French Sephora website for €44.

The palette has an amazing color scheme in my opinion! Ugh it just looks sooo gorgeous! As you may know the eye shadow palette is also famous for it’s peachy scent. I don’t really mind the scent, however I understand that there are people that don’t like it. It is not that strong, but it is definitelynot the natural scent of a peach and that can be a bit annoying for some. It is a funny (and unnecessary)  feature for me.
The pigmentation of the eye shadows is really good. Especially the mattes!! The shimmers are a bit less pigmented, but isn’t too bad of a difference. As I said before I like the color scheme a lot, however I do wish that there were some more pink eye shadows in it. Cause only 4 out of the 18 shadows are pinks (the color that reminds me of peaches). However, I love every single eye shadow and if I had to pick some favorites they would be Gobbler, Peachy and Bellini. (I love the puns in this palette!)


From left to right: Gobbler, Peachy and Bellini!
Also the shadows blend beautifully! However, there is one serious issue that I have with this palette and that is the packaging.. In just a few hours after receiving it, the lid of the palette came of. My dad was able to fix it, but that sadly only lasted for a day.
Luckily the palette also closes with a magnet so I can still close the palette properly in order to keep the shadows in a good condition. On the other hand travelling with the palette could have become a problem if I had threw away the carton it came in. So, yes everything is fine…
But I do expect more from a brand like Too Faced. Will I still purchase products from Too Faced?
Of course! I love the brand, but I won’t buy another palette with this type of packaging. Even though, it isn’t that of a problem, it does makes me sad. I was so happy to finally have this palette and then it broke in such a short time,,,I also still recommend this palette. The quality of the shadows is amazing and the colors are stunning! Moreover, it gives me so much inspiration for new makeup looks! If you are going to buy it or already bought it, I really hope that your palette will stay intact!​

Love Life,


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