Too Faced, Melted Matte: a Review


During my vacation in Greece I bought a Melted Matte liquid lipstick by Too Faced at a Sephora. I actually wasn’t planning on buying one, as I wanted to buy the Born This Way foundation and Hangover Primer (again), but both were sold out…. Because I really wanted to buy a product by Too Faced as I can’t buy products of the brand in the Netherlands. So, I chose the famous Melted Matte and here are my thoughts on it!

Hey!Tijdens mijn vakantie in Griekenland kocht ik een Melted Matte liquid lipstick van Too Faced bij een Sephora. Eigenlijk was ik niet van plan om er eentje te kopen, ik kwam namelijk eigenlijk voor de Born This Way foundation en Hangover Primer(alweer) maar die waren allebei uitverkocht… Alleen ik wou heel graag iets van Too Faced kopen, omdat het niet echt mogelijk is in Nederland. Dus ik koos de beroemde Melted Matte en hier is mijn mening over het product!
The price of a Melted Matte liquid lippie is €21,50 or $21. For this you receive 12ml of product, which is normal. The liquid lipstick promises to be long wearing and has a plumping effect that should not be felt when wearing it.
I got the Melted Matte in the shade Sell Out, a dark pinky nude/mauve tone that almost seems like a “my lips but better”, however it’s a tad darker and in my opinion truly gorgeous!!!
Furthermore, the scent of the lippie is a bit chemical, but luckily the scent is not strong. So it doesn’t bother me at all.
Applying the product is very easy, because the shape of the applicator is just right in my opinion!

The formula is a bit drying, which isn’t uncommon for a matte liquid lipstick. Therefore, I like to moisturize my before I apply the product and if I still get dry lips when wearing it I like to lightly apply some lip balm on top. I personally don’t think it is necessary to apply the Melted Matte again most of the time. The product is just that long wearing! However, if you eat very greasy food it does come off more quickly, pretty logical but yeah just so you know. I would personally take the product with me to school or work so I can do a touch up, just to be sure.
Furthermore, there is no need for a liner before applying the liquid lipstick as it doesn’t bleed into the fine lines along the lips and the formula is nicely pigmented! The product can transfer a bit though, so it is not kiss proof.

​Then Too Faced also promises that this liquid lipstick has a plumping effect that doesn’t sting the lips. I believe that it does plump my lips very lightly, but it is almost unnoticeable. So, I think it can be called a natural plump. Also I cannot feel any type of sting when I’m wearing this lippie. Furthemore, I didn’t know that this product had a plumping feature when I bought it, however I don’t find it a problem. If you want a serious plumping formula this is the liquid lipstick for you.


My lips where dry in this picture…Oops


I’m glad that the makeup I wanted to buy was sold out, otherwise I would never have bought this product! The liquid lipstick makes my lips look gorgeous and the shade Sell Out is absolutely stunning!!! Even though, the formula can be a bit drying sometimes I really like it. And when it doesn’t feel drying its almost like I’m not wearing anything on the lips. I am very happy with the Melted Matte liquid lipstick by Too Faced! So, when I’m ever back at a Sephora and I find another beautiful shade with this formula I’m pretty sure I’m going to get it haha! What is your favorite product by Too Faced? Mine is probably the Hangover primer!
Love Life,

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